Welcome to Pink Jen Jewellery



My name is Jeni and I am a jeweller living on the Isle of Wight. I work in an arts centre on the Island where there are workshops in making jewellery. Having been on several workshops and worn my work, friends suggested that I try making my work to sell which I’ve been doing now for just over a year.

My nickname is Pink Jen. I was given this name as I often wear a splash of pink and because I blush easily. When trying to come up for a name for my new business, I came up with Pink Jen Jewellery – it seemed right.

It has been an exciting year. The response to my work has been, at times, quite overwhelming. I never expected people to like what I do. I’ve had several commissions and while I expected to be almost paralysed with nerves, worried that people wouldn’t like the end result, I’ve been thrilled and excited by their response. This is really fun! I love coming up with new ideas and seeing or reading people’s reactions.

I never thought this would be as rewarding and exciting as it is! Roll on the next year!